Providing free Electronic Recycling to residents of Las Vegas. Our goal is to provide a safe alternative to the landfill for computer disposal, laptop disposal, phones and other electronics through partnerships with the businesses and residents of Las Vegas.

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Sustain Vegas, LLC was formed as a startup in January 20, 2020 to provide residents of Las Vegas an outlet to dispose their unwanted, unused, broken, or legacy computers and electronics. Our goal is to give Las Vegas residents a safe alternative to the landfill while ensuring your data is erased. We offer Free local pickup, Free data erasure, and Free reporting.

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Below is the list of materials from various industries that are accepted at Sustain Vegas.

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Our people are our difference

Our people are experienced, highly skilled at managing value recapture and backed with a high-quality infrastructure and the certifications and standards you expect from Sustain Vegas.

Full visibility and real-time reporting

Sustain Vegas keeps your assets safe with our secure logistics infrastructure and gives you full visibility every step of the way. We use real-time reporting tools and systems that are industry compliant to give you detailed inventory.

Experienced experts on your side

The need for safe & secure Information Technology asset disposition services is important when dealing with data. Whether it be a laptop, monitor or something larger, such as a server or storage system, when it’s time to decommission equipment, Sustain Vegas has the expertise.

A one stop shop for all of your ITAD needs

ITAD is growing at a rapid pace—and not everyone is taking advantage of the outcomes it delivers. Sustain Vegas gives you the financial strength, historical industry knowledge, and industry experts for your end-of-life service needs.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. Sustain Vegas will partner with your company to produce a community take back event free of charge. We are always looking for ways to help the Las Vegas community safely dispose of their unwanted electronics. We would love to hear from you, please contact us or call 702-248-7302.

Sustain Vegas recycling is 100% free of charge. We generate revenue with local community take back services sponsored by companies seeking to dispose of obsolete electronics in a causative and responsible manner. We also accept donations made by Nevada residents to keep our service 100% free of charge.
Summerlin, Anthem, Southern Highlands, Las Vegas, and Henderson.

Anything that has a plug on it is known as e-waste. Common things in your office such as your screen, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, phone, laptop and copier are all known as e-waste, and must be recycled. It also classifies any machines, hardware or machinery with circuit boards in it as e-waste.

The “DoD standard,” referring to DoD 5220.22-M, is a concept which is often used in the data sanitization field. But what does this “norm” mean for businesses, government entities, ITADs and providers of data sanitization solutions?
One if the effective method to efficiently delete previously stored data is to replace hard disk drive storage areas with the same data everywhere— often using a pattern of all zeros. The DoD “standard” and others similar to it take a step further by going through approved methods of random overwriting. These systems will at least prevent the data from being recovered by standard methods of data recovery.

Zero Waste is a concept that promotes resource lifecycles to be revamped in order to reuse all goods or at least all their components. The goal is not to add more garbage to landfills or incinerators. The suggested approach is one similar to the way resources are reused in nature.

By establishing their own zero-landfill strategies, thousands of companies around the USA are doing their bit to recycle. Most companies recycle paper, ink toners, IT equipment, and even office furniture. 

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control has declared computer monitors and televisions with Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) to be hazardous waste and therefore can not be disposed of in a landfill. Each CRT contains 5 to 7 pounds of lead, cadmium, silver, gold, and other heavy metals, as well as toxic compounds. Lab studies have shown the potential for leaching these compounds and elements out of computer equipment into the outflow of the landfill and causing pollution of the groundwater.

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The guys at Sustain have been a customer of mine for serval years at my auto repair/gas station. Since they opened the business we were able to have them take care of our old electronics and some other old unused products. They’re running a fine operation and it’s great to support each others businesses. Highly recommended.
Christopher Trippiedi
The staff at Sustain were so helpful today. They gave me directions where to drop off some items we had at Republic Service for plastics which they can’t recycle. Absolute great customer service!
Christopher Paul Acara

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