First off, very professional. Secondly, thoroughly satisfied with the ease of communication and service. I had plenty of questions and old electronics to dispose of and Sustain Vegas made it easy to get rid of. I hesitated dumping this stuff at any tech/computer place due to the sensitive nature of my business and the information once on the machines. I'm not a tech guy, but I did worry about any residual info. that might still be within the equipment. Thanks Sustain,... for putting up with my paranoia and questions.

Javier Arqueros

The guys at Sustain have been a customer of mine for serval years at my auto repair/gas station. Since they opened the business we were able to have them take care of our old electronics and some other old unused products. They’re running a fine operation and it’s great to support each others businesses. Highly recommended.

Christopher Trippiedi

The staff at Sustain were so helpful today. They gave me directions where to drop off some items we had at Republic Service for plastics which they can’t recycle. Absolute great customer service!

Christopher Paul Acara

This place is legit! I tried to get rid of PC's before and it was just a hassle every time. Will and his team made it super easy. Leave it at your door and we'll pick it up. Boom!!! Super simple and convenient. Keep the planet GREEN hit up Sustain for your PC recycling needs!!!

Alex Arqueros

This is the greatest idea 💡 ever! I’ve held onto laptops and some TV’s for years. I wasn’t sure what to do with them because I didn’t want to lose old pictures, etc...but it’s time to clear the clutter in my home! Question: do you guys pick up?

Chantel Sells

Excellent service and they came and picked up my equipment for free. Emailed me saying all my data was erased. Very professional.

Hookee Sis

Great customer service and attention to detail.

Danielle Wilbert

Thank you so much for this genius business! Amazing customer service!

Heather Mahoney

Top notch service. They made it simple .

Zach Franzi

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